Message from our President


  The first and most important thing to do is to get members involved in every level of UPMA. 
Without involvement of new members our organization will go stale and become less attractive for those to join. Will you help keep us current, active within our districts, promote upward mobility and explore initiatives to better our future? Upward mobility as it gets more stressful every day is where our new members will come from. We may feel overwhelmed in our current positions from time to time but how do you think our newest members will feel going from the craft to a level 17, 18 with no training?
I'm planning on keeping the communication line open with monthly reports from all elected officers and appointees and to have training at every event for active offices or new members needing help. The question is will you help in this endeavor, as many make the task much easier to accomplish. If we are seen helping, training, involved at the District level our members will know that we are working on their concerns and that we will pursue until resolved the action needed. The more we are noticed, the more members we attract to a healthy organization.
 Agenda items going forward that we all must work together on are eCareer training, which involves KSA writing and filling out your profile, understanding your own SOV/CSV/PS150/SWCS and when to file the forms and how to get them adjusted.

1. eCAREER training: How to apply for a job, how to write your KSA'S and what you need to do prior to and during 

2. SOV and CSV need to show current workloads of Postmasters

  a. Actual hours earned or open hours whichever is higher for level 18's

  b. All revenue, workload, deliveries and administrative duties should be considered when calculating office levels and
      earned hours. Is your Facility Data Base correct?

  c. Postmasters and Supervisors need to verify their information of their office and their RMPO’s. Don’t wait for anyone to 
      do it for you. Be proactive in your future.

  d. Do you warrant a Supervisor or entitled to an upgrade? If you're not involved you will never know whether your day 
      could become easier and with more pay. If you want the assistance you need to be a member, promote that.

  e. Ps150 and SWCS forms are the only forms that will help you acquire the right level and right amount of Supervisors.

3. Membership: Without membership we don't exist. What are we doing to try and gain more members? Actually what are   
    each of you doing to keep members, promote UPMA and to educate our members? I want to see each District 
    Coordinator and at least one other person attend and recruit members at your Career Awareness Conferences. The 
    presence of UPMA not only gives us standing for new members to ask questions but also keeps us at the forefront with 
    District management. The more you correspond with your district the easier it gets to work with them and gain the 
    respect back.

4. Training: Consistent training with our members needs to be at the forefront with the retiring of many and gaining of a 
    part time work force. This training needs to be given separately than to try and fit it in in your daily duties. We will 
    always try to fuse training into our Swings and State Convention. What training would entice you to come to a 3 
    digit/County meeting, District Swing, State or National Convention or Washington for legislative action with our 
    If everyone contributes something we will go far and we will succeed. It only takes one to make a difference; many can   
    create a wave that will flow endlessly. I welcome all ideas to progress and prosper.

Frank Kouba
President NY Chapter UPMA  
Riverhead 11901
Work: (631) 732-8627
Cell: 631-806-6766