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As a Retiree you can continue your membership as a UPMA Retiree Member or Join as a new Retiree Member.Simply complete the online 1187R application or mail the completed hardcopy 1187R form the UPMA National Office. Both the on-line and hardcopy Form 1187 serve as your request to join UPMA and as your authorization for dues withholding from your USPS/OPM monthly annuity.

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Download 1187R form (PDF) 


                       Annual           Monthly         BI-WEEK
Level E         $ 137.00                                   $ 5.27
Level 11        $ 227.00                                  $ 8.71
Level 12        $ 237.00                                  $ 9.12
Level 13        $ 248.00                                  $ 9.54
Level 14        $ 261.00                                  $ 10.04
Level 15        $ 276.00                                  $ 10.62
Level 16        $ 299.00                                  $ 11.50
Level 17        $ 313.00                                  $ 12.04
Level 18        $ 327.00                                  $ 12.58
Level 19        $ 342.00                                  $ 13.16
Level 20        $ 361.00                                  $ 13.89
Level 21        $ 378.00                                  $ 14.54
Level 22        $ 406.00                                  $ 15.62
Level 23        $ 428.00                                  $ 16.47
Level 24        $ 450.00                                  $ 17.31
Level 25        $ 472.00                                  $ 18.16
Level 26 +     $ 496.00                                  $ 19.08

TOTAL                                                         $ 217.65
51-PMR         $ 60.00                                   $ 2.31
50-ASSOC    $ 60.00                                   $ 2.31
40-RETIRE    $ 60.00            $ 5.00

Not already a member? There are many benefits to being a member of the United Postmasters and Managers of America. First, and perhaps most importantly, you become part of a network of Postmasters dedicated to the United States Postal Service and to helping one another succeed. As you attend meetings, whether they are three-digit meetings, State Conventions, or National Conventions, you will meet other Postmasters with similar questions, problems and solutions. If you do not wish to attend meetings, you can still network with us by phone or email. 
The network is stronger if you are a part of it.

Membership Incentives

   The purpose of UPMA is to assist, mentor and guide all Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors -- as well as anyone aspiring to these positions -- toward achieving their professional goals. We are an avenue through which all United States Postal Service employees can help one another and themselves in matters concerning their careers. We provide the essential training and networking necessary for every member to be successful.

    As an organization, we always strive to improve the conditions under which our members work and the compensation they receive.Our organization they receive. Our organization's leadership consults regular with Postal Service management on policies affecting the welfare, happiness and morale of our members.

    Our leaders at the state and national levels are current USPS employees. We believe this is fundamental for staying in touch with the priorities and concerns of our members. After all, who is better equipped to represent you than your fellow Managers, living and working in the same conditions you do every day?

1. Phone numbers of contacts of all officers

2. Benefits associated with the membership

3. If you attend the State Convention or National Convention there are incentives to be reimbursed for.

4. Free dues for 6 months if an EAS employee and complete benefits of representation after 12 months.

5. Dues structure included.

6. Promotional pay formula included.

7. You will start to receive our State publication

8. You will have access to our State and National website and the multitude of training information and Legislative news.

9. Access to become a member of Signature Credit Union

10. You will be part of an organization that fights for your pay whether active or retired, fights against benefits being reduced, fights to protect our rights as managers and protects you when disciplinary actions are taken against you.

11. A Portfolio
Membership Incentives
Membership Drive Voucher