The Articles of Incorporation states, in part, the following:

This organization shall be incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-profit organization and shall be known as the “United Postmasters and Managers of America.”
The purpose for which the corporation is organized as an independent, non-p artisan professional membership association shall be to: provide a vehicle through which members may assist one another in matters connected with their employment in the United States Postal Service.

The Bylaws of the United Postmasters and Managers of America states:
As an affiliate of United Postmasters and Managers of America and subject to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of UPMA, the purpose of this is to promote, assist and instruct retired Postmasters and Managers in all areas of personal and related items of interest or concern and to work cooperatively in the of UPMA aims and goals.

A UPMA Retired member shall be any person who has retired from the Postal Service, pays membership dues, and includes the following:

        1. All persons having held the title of Postmaster at any time during their career.
        2. All persons having held an EAS position at any time during their career.

An Associate member shall be an individual who pays dues, has all privileges of other members, and exercises an interest in the Organization to include the following

       1. U.S. Postal Service employees (not otherwise described).
       2. Former Postal Service employees (not covered in the above article, but including Postmaster                      Reliefs at the conclusion of their position with the Postal Service).
       3. Surviving Spouses.
       4. Associate members shall be considered members of the UPMA Retired Organization.

                      David Cook                                                         

UPMA Retired President

David Cook


It's easy to keep updated on the latest happenings with UPMA Retired. We have two excellent tools of communication to keep everyone informed of the latest happenings among UPMA Retired. If you would like to be a part of our great network, follow the simple instructions below: 


Send an email with your name, email address and office of retirement to our Email Coordinator, Linda Carter, at Linda publishes UPMA GOLD as she receives information from various sources with no set frequency. If you would like to share newsworthy info with her, just send her an email once you have joined our network. Welcome!! 

This is our official publication/newsletter that is printed and mailed bi-monthly. If you would like to get on the mailing list, please send your name and address to our Editor, Sally Robinson, 325 Garfield St. #102 , Kittanning , PA 16201-2914 . This publication is also posted on the website by clicking the link below:  

An 1187R is printed here for you to complete and submit by mail, or you may complete it online by emailing it to: Please complete and mail this form as soon as you receive your CSA Number, or you may complete and mail the 1187R now, and supply your CSA Number later. Our annual membership dues are only $60 per year, or $5 per month, which OPM (Office of Personnel Management) will deduct from your retirement check. Where else in this day and time can you get such a bargain? You will continue to receive your state paper and the national magazine. Keep your membership alive and well! Retirees must stand strong in numbers, as we continue to face challenges that could erode our pension and benefits. Your membership is vital to keeping our organization’s voice strong. For over a century NAPUS and the LEAGUE have fought for the rights and benefits of Postmasters. Now we are united in our efforts and we need your continued support. We have a full time government relations director who works with Congress to ensure our legislative agenda is advanced, including making sure that health and retirement security will be there for us now and in the future. Our Federal Credit Unions have competitive rates and offers to help you maintain your financial stability. We have outstanding financial guidance as well as supplemental retirement and health benefits. And we have the best of the best, we are retired, you know, the happy folks! 

  David Cook     
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