Keeping Postal employees safe on and off the job! 

We are starting with NY SINCE IT HAS BECOME THE EPICENTER of this outbreak. Please let us know if there is a need in your area.  
We have been able to attain 1/4” elastic if needed. 

from Eva Finley, National Retiree Editor
President Rodney has given his support for a project that would allow the retirees (and active) Postmasters to assist in providing face masks to our family and friends who work in New York Post Office and surrounding areas who have been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 Virus. I have been "recruited" to spearhead this drive. Cathy Winnie NY, Debra Alums AL and I will be your contact persons to answer questions you may have. We are requesting that you read the following instructions and make as many as you have the time to prepare. Attached is copy of notice of Need for Masks for New York Postal Employeesplus a printable page of instructions. A picture of the completed mask is shown below.
IF YOU ARE NEAR A JOANNE'S FABRICS THAT IS OPEN, THEY ARE GIVING ONE BAG FULL OF MATERIALS FREE THAT WILL MAKE 15 MASKS. After you have made these, you may send to Cathy Winnie, 467 Mill Hook Road, Accord, NY 12404. You may also send to Debra Alum, 406 Charleston Lane, Dothan AL 36301 or to me at P O Box 500, Graford TX 76449-0500.
These masks are not medical grade, but any type of masks will help protect our employees from germs. It also shows our support and caring as an organization and family. If you do not have a sewing machine, maybe your mother, sister, neighbor or friend would volunteer their time for such a noble cause. Elastic is very hard to find, and I ordered quite a few and should be here in about 5-7 days, if you can't find it. I also have some material that I can share if you fail to find any stores open.

Our phone numbers (texts) are: Kathy Winnie (845) 742-7774, Debra Alums (334) 685-2068and Eva Finley (512) 569-4680