(April 10th updated)
The purposes for which this Chapter is organized as a part of national organization, United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA), shall be to provide a vehicle through which members may assist one another in matters connected with their employment in the United States Postal Service; to foster a favorable image of public service; to; assure the users of the mails the best service possible improve the conditions under which individuals work, having concern for salaries, hours of employment, working environment, and related issues;to cooperate with other groups and levels of postal management in the achievement of common goals.
Article I – Name
This organization shall be known as the New York Chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America Inc.Article I Section 1 Subordinate units The subordinate units of this organization shall be known
as Districts, which are a make-up of County or Multi-County Associations.
Article II – Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be to affiliate with and become a part of the national UPMA organization. Article III – Membership Any person as designated by the UPMA Governing Documents to be a member of the national Organization shall be considered a member in this Chapter but no member in arrears for dues shall be recognized or permitted any of the privileges at its conventions. Article IV – Meetings The annual convention of the organization shall be held at the time and city as set by the “annual convention one year or more prior to that convention,” provided however, that the president may, with the approval of the majority of the executive board, and for good and sufficient reason change the time and or place previously fixed. All chapter conventions must be completed prior to the start of the National Convention.Special meetings may be called by the president, and shall be called on the request in writing by a majority of the executive committee or on demand in writing of ten (10) percent of the paid up membership of this chapter. The chapter secretary/treasurer shall mail notice of meetings to members of the executive committee at least ten (10) days prior to the date specified for such meetings.In any convention of this chapter, all members who are present and registered for the convention shall constitute a quorum.Robert Rules of Order shall govern the deliberations of this chapter, except where any provisions of this Bylaw document are inconsistent or in conflict with Robert’s Rules of Order; then, this Bylaw document shall prevail.
Article V – Election of Officers
The officers of this chapter shall be a president, executive vice president, a secretary/treasurer, the immediate past president (who shall serve for a term of two years beginning on November 1 of the year a newly elected president shall assume office), the president of the postmasters retired, editor, who together with the four vice presidents, shall constitute the executive committee, and the governing body of the chapter.The president shall be elected at the annual convention to serve a term of two years. Three vice - presidents one of which will be the Executive Vice President and secretary/treasurer shall be elected at the annual convention to serve a term of two years. The other two vice presidents shall be elected at the annual convention in a subsequent year to serve a term of two years. The term of office shall commence on November 1st and will end on October 31st. The position for which an officer is elected shall be limited to two consecutive terms of office. A Vice President (VP) can be re-elected as a VP again as long as the VP position they hold is different from the prior two term position held. This would constitute a new term of office. Only for the 2017 State Convention we will have to elect two Vice Presidents for one year to initiate the alternating years Vice Presidents are elected. These two Vice President positions will again be up for election at the 2018 State Convention for a two year term. Of the five Vice Presidents elected the two lowest votes will receive the one year term.
Article VI District Coordinators
District Coordinators will serve the Districts that currently exist according to the District Map and be nominated and elected for two year terms starting at the Fall Swing of 2017 and be sworn in. They will take office on Nov.1st. District Coordinators are not voting members of the Executive Board but will be required to attend the three Executive Board meetings for member information and audit purposes which are the Executive Board meeting held within the first 60 days of office and pre and post Convention boards. District Coordinators that can’t attend an Executive Board meeting should designate an alternate representative for them. District Coordinators should entice and work with the County Officers to set up District meetings.
Article VII
Voting will be done by one vote per active member present, with the exception of Time and Place and Duesstructure where all members present can vote.Additional or other nominations may be made from the
floor, if seconded and approved, and shall be included with the list of recommendations made by the nominating committee for determining by ballot, of those present and qualified to vote in said election. If there shall be more than two nominations for any office, balloting shall continue until one candidate receives a majority of the votes cast. When electing the vice presidential candidates, the candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to a 2-year term. In the event of a tie vote the top vote candidate or candidates will get the position or positions.Where the tie is and below, those candidates will have to be all voted on again until one candidate receives the most votes. If more than one position is to be filled then the top vote candidates will fill the positions from the tie vote. With the exception of the positions of President and Executive Vice President, which shall be limited to active EAS members in good standing of the organization,retired Postmasters, retired EAS employees and Postmaster Reliefs shall be permitted to hold office in this chapter provided they are present at the meeting where the vote will be taken and that no other active EAS member seeks the office. Any active member who is an officer of this chapter, who during their term shall resign or be removed for any cause whatsoever, from the position that qualified them for
active membership, shall immediately become ineligible to hold office and their office shall be declared vacant.
Article VII Section 1
State convention registration fees charged Postmasters Retired organization members shall be twenty-five percent (25%) less than such fees charged active Postmasters and guests, and shall include all functions included for active Postmasters and guests.
Article VIII – President
The president shall preside at all meetings of the chapter, shall call special meetings when requested to do so as provided in Article IV. They shall also preside at the meetings of the executive committee and appoint all committees for the proper handling of the business of this chapter and in general perform such duties as may pertain to the office. The president shall receive such compensation for their services as the executive committee may provide.
Article IX – Executive Vice President
The executive vice president shall serve in the absence or disability of the president and work with the president as needed. This position will be chosen by the Executive committee from the three two year positions and must be an active member at the post convention executive committee meeting. Should the office of the president be vacated, the executive vice president will serve the remaining term. The remaining term of the vacant position of the executive vice president shall be filled by the executive committee. In addition, the executive vice president shall serve as the Membership Chair for the chapter. It shall be their duty to promote membership for the organization, and insure that the chapter always has a strong membership. The executive vice president shall receive such compensation for their services as the executive committee may provide.
Article X – At Large Vice Presidents
The At Large Vice Presidents will be responsible for the following duties: One Vice President will serve as Education Chair. It will be their duty to work with the President in aligning training that is deemed necessary and appropriate for the membership.One Vice President will serve as the Legislative Chair. It will be their duty to handle legislative activity within the chapter.One Vice President will serve as the Political Action Committee (PAC) Chair. It will be their duty to handle any PAC activities within the chapter. One Vice President will serve as the Chapter Member Representative Chair. It will be their duty to work with all Chapter Member Representatives to properly represent the members and to assist the District Coordinators with their labor management concerns.The above four Vice Presidents will have their duties assigned by the executive committee at the Executive Board organizational meeting. In the event of a vacancy in the vice presidential position, the vacancy shall be filled by the executive committee.
Article XI – Secretary-Treasurer
The secretary-treasurer shall combine the office of secretary and treasurer, and shall perform all duties commonly incident to both offices. The secretary treasurer shall be bonded as provided in Article XV hereof and shall receive such compensation for their services as the executive committee may provide. The secretary treasurer shall keep all records, record the proceedings of all conventions and meetings of the executive committee, deposit, withdraw and have custody of the funds of the chapter and shall be responsible to keep an accurate and complete account of the receipts, vouchers and membership. In the event of a vacancy in the position of secretary-treasurer, the vacancy shall be filled by the executive committee.
Article XII – Editor
An editor may be appointed by the executive committee. The Editor becomes a voting member of the committee only if there is a vacancy at the past presidents position and only until the position is filled again. It shall be the editor’s duty to publish the official newspaper ESUPMA (Empire State United Postmasters and Managers Association) of the NY Chapter of UPMA. The editor shall receive such compensation for their services as the executive committee may provide.
Article XIII – Executive Committee
The officers of this chapter shall be a president, executive vice president, four at large vice presidents, a secretarytreasurer, the immediate past president who shall serve a term of two years beginning on November 1st of the year a newly elected president assumes office, the president of Postmasters Retired and editor, shall constitute the executive committee and the governing body of the chapter. It shall be the duty of the executive committee to carry out the orders of the chapter as expressed in the convention, it shall have direct control of all business of the chapter and its affairs, it shall be the power of the executive committee to authorize necessary expenditures; to audit all accounts; approve the expenses of the executive officers and in general perform all the functions ordinarily attached to such committee.The executive committee shall have the power to remove any of its members for good and sufficient reason by two-thirds vote of the committee when in session. The Editor’s position will not be a voting position on the Executive Committee. In case of vacancy of the Immediate Past President, the office shall remain unfilled until the next Past President is available. At the time of vacancy the Editor will become a voting member until the next past President position is filled to avoid ties within the Executive Board on topics requiring votes In the case of a vacancy of the Postmasters Retired President, the Postmasters Retired Executive Committee,shall appoint one of its members to fill the unexpired term.Vacancies on the State Executive Committee Board shall be filled within ninety (90) days from the effective date of vacancy excluding the past Presidents position as described above.A quorum of the State Executive Committee shall be a majority of the voting positions held.The new executive committee shall hold an organizational meeting within 60 days of November 1st each year.
Article XIV - District Coordinators
(a) Confer with the Vice President that will serve as the Chapter Member Representative Chair on matters pertaining to their respective districts;
(b) Contact all county and multi-county organizations periodically by attendance at county meetings;
(c) Call a district meeting twice a year for the purpose of advising the district membership of progress within the state and for maintaining communications between the counties and the state 
(d) Report to the Vice President that will serve as the Chapter Member Representative Chair monthly on conditions relative to the district represented; 
(e) Submit the name of Membership Chairman for each County to the Executive Vice President who is the Membership Representative Chair who shall assist each County toward obtaining memberships; 
(f) Assist the members in their districts in all endeavors; 
(g) Contact the Vice President that will serve as the Chapter Member Representative Chair for assistance as needed, in case of a serious problem (h) Attend all meetings required by the President.
Article XV – Sergeant-At-Arms
At the opening of each convention the president shall appoint a master sergeant-at-arms and the necessary assistant sergeants-at-arms, and it shall be their duty to maintain order and perform such other duties as designated by the president.
Article XVI – National Convention Roll Call Voting Procedure
When preparing for roll call votes to be cast on elections, amendments, etc., at the National Convention the vote shall be taken by paper ballot at the annual Chapter Convention. The results of that paper ballot shall govern the procedure, by percentage, for how the Chapter’s votes will be cast at the National Convention by the Chapter President. The results of the votes shall be recorded by the National Officer present at the convention, as well as in the official minutes of the Chapter convention. The National Officer and the Chapter President must send the results to the National Office within ten (10) days of the conclusion of the Chapter convention. On the issue of elections, the Chapter’s official vote must be taken at the Chapter convention in the year that the election will take place at the National convention. This procedure cannot be changed prior to October 31, 2018, in accordance with the National Bylaws Article XI, Section 1, paragraph 14.
Article XVII - Bonds
The secretary-treasurer shall be required to be bonded in the amount deemed sufficient by the executive
committee, said bond to be executed by a surety company approved the executive committee and the
premium on such bond shall be paid by the chapter.
Article XVIII – Dues
The annual dues of the members of this Chapter shall be the same as provided in the governing documents of the national organization.
Article XIX – Official Publication
There may be established an official publication of this Chapter, to be published 8 times per year. The publication will be distributed to the membership and others. The official publication will be named - ESUPMA (Empire State United Postmasters and Managers Association).In addition, the Chapter may maintain a website for the dissemination of information. The executive committee,as the governing body of the Chapter, shall have editorial control over the official publication(s).
Article XX – Amendments
All proposed amendment(s) must be submitted in writing to the Chapter president at least thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the annual Chapter convention. The proposed amendment(s) shall be published prior to the convention. These bylaws may be amended at any convention of the chapter by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting. Any proposed amendment(s) shall be read at one session of the convention and voted on at a subsequent session. These amendment(s) shall become effective immediately upon the adjournment of the convention unless otherwise specified in the amendment.
Article XXI Committee’s
The following temporary committees shall be appointed by the President:Bylaws, Fiscal and National Policy Committee
1. Bylaws, Fiscal and National Policy – Up to five members which consist of the Bylaws, Fiscal and National Policy Chair, President , Executive Vice President, Secretary Treasurer and immediate past President.
Duties and responsibilities:
(a) Solicit input from membership all during the year.
(b) Hold meetings as necessary to consolidate and formulate.
(c) When proposing changes, be sure to include all sections affected by the proposed change.
(d) Present Bylaw and Fiscal Policy proposed changes to the Bylaws, Fiscal and National Policy Chair who will present to the President at the Fall Executive Board or Convention Executive Board
pre or post Convention to be considered. Present Bylaw and Fiscal policy changes to the Bylaws,Fiscal and National Policy Chair to help in their presentation. Be prepared to explain why changes are being presented. Major revisions should be presented in writing to all members for Bylaws.All amendments should be submitted to the Bylaws, Fiscal and National Policy Chair at least 30 days in advance and signed by not less than 10 members to be considered. Bylaw Amendments can only be changed at our State Convention by a roll call or paper vote where Fiscal Policy changes can be made at any Executive Board meeting by the Executive Board.
(e) Furnish a complete copy of Bylaws and Fiscal Policy to ESUPMA Editor within 30 days of the close of the annual Chapter Convention.
2. Convention Time & Place - Up to five members;
3. Nomination of Officers - Up to five members;
4. Budget - Up to five members, of which the Secretary-Treasurer shall be one;
5. Audit - Up to five members which will consist of one member from each District as designated by its District Coordinator, the Chairman of which shall be the Secretary-Treasurer. He/she shall let those members know at the beginning of the year the requirements for the mandatory Audits as described in Attachments A & B.
6. Special Committees as necessary.
All committees, with the exception of (6) Special Committees as necessary, will be appointed at the Fall Conference per the stated required committee make-up.
The Scholarship Chairman shall have the responsibility and imagination for maintaining and overseeing the fund-raising efforts for the purpose of scholarships.The Chairman shall act in the capacity of Chairman and Advisor to the Scholarship Selection Committee. The Scholarship Chairman will be reimbursed for any direct expenses, such as, but not limited to, administrative and communication expenses, upon approval of the Board of Directors. The Scholarship Chairman would be an annual appointment made by the State President. The Chairman of Scholarship would act in that capacity throughout the course of the year and not be a temporary appointment for the purpose of convention.
The Chairman shall:
1. Coordinate and promote fund-raising efforts throughout the year and during State Convention;
2. Maintain any records pertaining to fund-raising;
3. Report to the Secretary-Treasurer;
4. Select a volunteer Committee to assist in fundraising efforts throughout the year and during the UPMA State Convention.
5. Assure the compliance of the awards and scholarship process according to the guidelines established by the Executive Board;
6. Have responsibility for the application process for any awards or scholarships to be presented by New York UPMA.
Section 1. The Order of Business at any state convention
or other meeting of this Association shall be:
(a) Call to Order
(b) Invocation then Pledge of Allegiance
(c) Roll Call of Officers and Board Members
(d) Reports of Officers
(e) Reports of Committees
(f) Unfinished Business
(g) New Business
(h) Open Forum
(i) Election of Officers
(j) Benediction
(k) Adjournment
Section 1. The budget shall be in detail and shall itemize the various amounts for the several officers and committees and for State and National conventions.Items so budgeted shall not be exceeded without specific authorization of the President and the Secretary-Treasurer, and disbursed on receipt of proper vouchers approved by the President.Section 2. The total of the budget shall not be exceeded except by the consent of two-thirds of the Board of Directors.