The State Convention

Why should you come experience the NY UPMA Convention this year? It is our second annual UPMA Convention with this year being the first year the two prior organizations of The League of Postmasters and NAPUS are combined as one organization with one Executive Board, one President with a united presence moving our goals in one direction towards a betterment of all members, retired and active. We will be having this year an extra day added to allow for some leisure time. We will be only having morning sessions with seminars of Retirement on Thursday afternoon, E-Career on Friday afternoon and Chapter Member Representative training on Saturday afternoon. We will be voting on a National President, National Vice Presidents, State Vice Presidents and Bylaws that are used to run the State. There will be Scholarships awarded. We will have a lunch provided on a boat cruise on Friday afternoon. Elvis impersonator will be singing Wednesday night, an auction on Friday night which is always a blast and to follow up with a formal banquet on Saturday evening with a DJ and dancing to follow. During each session there will be small and large prizes given away and other chances to win raffles if you choose to partake. Saturday afternoon after the training we will have an hour long session on the average workday and why exempt employees are consistently being required to work over the eight hours, Saturdays, Sundays and when if you have a Supervisor any time past eight hours they can't work and a management person has to be present. This includes any EAS members that are required to be answerable to their superiors beyond their normal scheduled work day. 

Over eight hour work day for exempt employees

Explanation of the eight work day and the work that has caused many to exceed this limit daily on a continued basis. Exempt employee's, yes are required to work as needed beyond their normal duties on occasion to accomplish their goals. This was not meant to be daily and to include weekends and to be on call as needed to perform tasks required from upper management. When resolving concerns, testing procedures, verifying initiatives to better the service, we as managers are there to insure the USPS succeeds. If the organization succeeds then so do we. When and at what point do we say that something needs to be addressed before we are burnt out, we no longer know what goes on in our personal lives because we are no longer there. We all want to do the best for the USPS and we want to eventually retire when the time comes but at what expense. Will we have a family left that appreciates what we have done for them? If you are in this type of situation then it is suggested that you give input to change the situation you are in. I've created a check off list that keeps your identity unknown as a person, office or position that gives you a chance to advise me on what you do every day and a place to add comments. I'm sure I have not thought of everything so please add what I have missed either in the daily column or the second column off other duties required to do at some time. I assure you this is being worked on by others as well and everything you can do to show proof of your workload will go a long way. You have to realize that since the definition of a Postmaster was changed in December of 2011, POSTPlan enacted, DUO enacted, Area consolidations, Village Post Offices created, District downsizing, plant consolidations and the centralization of everything, where has all the work shifted to. That is exactly right, the local management. What has been taken away from you to help in managing this extra workload? Are a lot of programs now electronic? Have you been given more tasks to do now that things are electronic? The electronics save some time but also costs a lot of time. Many of these tools were used by staff at the District level which we now are required to do. What you do to help change the way we operate daily may change your life and others. There will be a letter along with the checklist mailed to every active member. Please fill it out, add as necessary any items missed and add comments to help understand your situation. All check lists returned to me will be consolidated and only the consolidated information will be passed on. All information you see on this check list is generic to your office or position as I don't want anyone to be able to figure out what office or position said what. Please return these ASAP after receiving. This survey checklist will also be posted on our website shortly with a link off the main page and in this ESUPMA.

Dan Leonard
NY Chapter President

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